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Port Kuryk

Connecting Europe and Asia

Europe and Asia

Kuryk Port Development is a project of a port located on the Eastern coast of the Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan. The project has an attractive strategic location at the intersection of developing trade corridors between East and West ("One Belt – One Way") and between North and South ( India, and Russia).

The New Port
on Caspian Sea

How It Works

The project includes five facilities: a ferry complex, universal cargo terminal, liquid cargo terminal, specialized bulk terminal, production yard, and transport and logistics center. The total throughput capacity of Port Kuryk terminals would be 13.9 million tons annually.
  • Ferry Complex
  • Universal Cargo Terminal
  • Liquid Cargo Terminal
  • Specialized Bulk Terminal
  • Production Yard
  • Transport and Logistics Center


Kuryk Port Development is not only internationally important services, but also a whole range of production and logistics facilities.


Our mission is to create an infrastructure to improve the export and trade potential of the Republic of Kazakhstan. For this, we involve the best experts in the field of construction, ecology, business development, consulting, and logistics to the project.
ТОО «Semurg Invest»
Kunkurent-B LLP
Port Kuryk LLP
KTZ Express JSC
LLP “NMSC” Kazmortransflot“
Baku Port
DARYN Partners LLP
ATD-Stroiproekt LLP
Nomad Eco LLP
Khazar Petroleum Logistics
Sarzha TLC

Growth Points

Growth Dynamics of International Trade
Strategic Location
Favorable Conditions for Navigation
Opportunities to Expand
Active Development of the Project
Near Distance to Trading Countries
Saving Time for Goods Delivery
Short Distance for Automobile Transport

Investment Potential of the Project

The economic feasibility of the Port Kuryk construction is conditioned with a stable dynamics of international trade and freight traffic growth via the trans-Caspian international transport corridors through Kazakhstan, and with the significant export potential of Kazakhstan.
Port Kuryk is one of hubs in the set of actively developed ports of the Caspian and the Black Seas.
  • Our Team

    The KPD team consists of qualified specialists with a great experience in implementation of local and international projects in the fields of construction, design, engineering, finance, ecology, and project management.


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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.