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Semurg Invest LLP was established


In order to develop and operate infrastructure projects in Western Kazakhstan.

Negotiations with interested companies


Meetings with Wincanton B.V., Shell D.K., Tengiz Shevroil, Security Central Asia, and Huck International to determine the optimal location for the project.

Land surveys

July 2010

During topographic and bathymetric surveys, a land plot with a total area of 256.7 hectares was found on the shore of the Alexander Bekovich-Cherkassky Bay with a coastline length of 1.62 km (Sarzha MST).

Legal registration of the land plot

August-November 2010

The land plot with a total area of 256.7 hectares was legally registered as an asset of Semurg Invest LLP.

Initiation of Kuryk Port project


The project of construction of a port in Kazakhstan on the Caspian Sea coast was named Kuryk.

Decision of construction of the Ferry Complex on the territory of Kuryk Port

July 2014

During the working visit of the Prime Minister of the RoK Karim Massimov, a decision to build Kuryk Port was made.

SPIID and Industrial Development Map


Inclusion of Sarzha MST in the State Program for Industrial and Innovation Development (SPIID) and Industrial Development Map.

Inclusion of the project into the Nurly Zhol program

The end of 2014

The goal of the program is to form a single economic market by integrating the country's macroregions based on building effective infrastructure.
July 2014

Signing of the agreement with NC Kazakhstan Temir Zholy JSC

April 2015

The agreement between Semurg Invest LLP and NC Kazakhstan Temir Zholy JSC provides construction of a ferry complex and joint activities for development of the project.
April 2015

The beginning of the ferry complex construction

April 2015

The construction was launched by the first deputy Prime Minister of the RoK Bakytzhan Sagintayev, the President of NC KTZ JSC Askar Mamin, and the akim of Mangistau Region Alik Aydarbayev.
April 2015

Commissioning of Borzhakty-Ersai railway line

September 2015

The length of Borzhakty-Ersai branch line is 22 kilometers. It will be used for delivering cargos to Kuryk Port.
September 2015

The end of the construction of the main railway route

December 2016

NC KTZh JSC completed the construction of the main railway route Ersai in the port of Kuryk.
June 2016

Completion of construction of the ferry complex and launch of the railway bridge

December 2016

The launch was carried out by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev in the framework of a national teleconference.
December 2016

Beginning of construction works on the Transport and Logistics Center as a part of Sarzha MMT by Semurg Invest LLP

May 2017

Start of construction and installation work on the transport and logistics center.

The first million tons processing

October 2017

50 tanks and wagons were loaded onto the ferry to go first to Azerbaijan, and then through Georgia to Europe.
March 2017

Signing a Memorandum of Cooperation with the port of Anaklia

November 2017

A Memorandum of Cooperation between the port of Anaklia, Georgia and the port of Kuryk, Kazakhstan.
May 2017

Temporary storage warehouse commissioned


The first phase of construction of the transport and logistics center has been completed.
August 2017

The 5th Caspian Summit in Aktau (Kazakhstan)

August 12, 2018

The leaders of Kazakhstan, Russia, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan have signed the Convention on the Legal Status of the Caspian Sea.
October 2017

A visit to the port of Kuryk by the President of the RoK, Nursultan Nazarbayev

August 2018

The President noted that the port of Kuryk is an important part of the Trans-Caspian route development, and approved the further development of the project.
November 2017

Construction of the intraport railway and motorway

The end of 2018

It is planned to expand the electrical substation and power lines, as well as construction of common infrastructure.
November 2017


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