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Kuryk Port Development Project

Kuryk project is aimed at expanding possibilities of transport and logistics flows through the Caspian Sea, located on the "Silk Way" between Europe and China. Having a profitable strategic location, the Port's project will shorten the time of cargo transportation across the sea and increase volumes of transportation to the countries of near and far abroad.
Kuryk Port includes several transloading terminals:
  • ferry complex
  • universal reloading terminal
  • liquid cargo terminal
  • transport and logistics center
  • production complex

Kuryk Port Location

Kuryk Port is located on the coast of the Caspian Sea 50 km South of Aktau City, 17 km West of Kuryk Village in Mangistau Region. The Port has a direct access to the railway tracks.

The Route

The Port is well located at the intersection of the East-West trade corridors (One Belt, One Way) and the North-South corridors (India, Russia), creating one of the fastest multimodal routes for cargo delivery.
The way through Kazakhstan is the most efficient in terms of time and cost among the multimodal overland container transport routes connecting the East Asia with Europe, and Turkey. And Kuryk Port will be one of the key facilities in the system of the transport and logistics complex of the new Silk Way.
Kuryk Port is meant to perform two great missions – to increase Kazakhstan's trade with the Caspian countries and to increase the transit potential of the Caspian Sea.
Development of the Port gave a powerful impetus to the transit and transport potential of cooperation between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the countries of the Caspian Region, contributing to implementation of the New Silk Way project.

A liquid cargo terminal

Oil-2.6 million tons
LPG-0.3 million tons

Area: 26 hectares

Number of berths: 2

A transport and logistics center

area - 16 hectares

A production complex

area - 36 hectares

A ferry complex

Area: 52 hectares

Capacity 6 million tons

Number of berths: 4

A universal reloading terminal

Capacity 3 million tons

Area: 32 hectares

Number of berths: 3

The ferry complex has already been put into service in December 2016 and has been operating since March 2017. For an incomplete 2017 Kuryk Port transshipped about 1.5 million tons of cargo. The total capacity of the ferry complex will be 10 million tons by 2030.

The universal reloading terminal will be able to transship about 3 million tons of container, general and bulk cargos. Capacity of the liquid cargo terminal will be 2.9 million tons. Putting into service of these terminals is scheduled for 2022.

The production complex of Kuryk Port will be aimed at servicing oil and gas projects in Kazakhstan sector of the Caspian Sea, carrying out ship repair, production of caissons and metal structures.

Kuryk Port Advantages

The first phase of the project has already been completed and cargos are being transshipped
> 1.5 million tons for 12 months of 2017.
Closer proximity to the key trading countries
The freight time to the ports of Azerbaijan is ≈ 8-10 % less.
Natural deep water offshore strip
The depth is ≈ 7 m.
A possibility of carrying out year-round sea operations
Sarzha Cross Functional Sea Terminal and its year-round non-freezing water area are naturally protected from winds, which usually prevent navigation in the Eastern part of the Caspian Sea from September to January.
Potential for expansion of capacities for transshipment and storage
The land plots adjacent to the Port territory are free from any residential or industrial buildings.


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