Why to Invest in the Project?


Growth dynamics of international trade

Economic feasibility of construction is due to the stable growth dynamics of international trade and cargo flows through the trans-Caspian international transport corridors running through Kazakhstan, together with significant export potential of Kazakhstan.


Strategic location

The project is located at the intersection of East-West and North-South trade corridors (India, and Russia) and is one of the fastest multimodal routes for cargo delivery in the region; Kuryk Port is one of the links in the chain of actively developing ports of the Caspian and Black Seas (Kuryk Port – Aliat Port – Anaklia Port, Kuryk Port – Amirobod Port – Bandar Abbas Port).


Favorable conditions for navigation

The depth of 7 berths is 7 meters; the non-freezing water area allows transshipment of cargos on a year-round basis.


Opportunities to expand

The land plots adjacent to the port territory are free from any residential or industrial buildings.


Active development of the project

The ferry complex on the territory of Kuryk Port has already been completed, and transshipment of cargo is already being carried out. More than 2 million tons of cargo were transshipped in 2017.


Saving time for goods delivery

The transit time from Kuryk Port to the Black Sea (Georgian seaports) is 3 days.


Near distance to trading countries

Closer proximity to the key trading countries will reduce the cost of freight to the Azerbaijani ports by ≈ 8-12 % compared to other Kazakhstan ports.


Short distance for automobile transport

The distance to Kuryk port for heavy trucks is less than to Aktau port.


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